Roshawn Woods


Approximately eight years ago I realized my passion to be myself  by finding the person who was buried within the 260 pound body I carried around.  As the years continued, I allowed the weight to shed by giving up and starting over. My journey led me around the world, staring from Dayton, Ohio and Detroit, across to California, Over seas to Japan, back to California, only to give it all.. Mostly away. I would have had my snowboard if it wasn’t for the dog!

In order for me to get to where I am now, I had to learn how to play and dance for the sake of being expressive. I learned how to be a robot while in the military. I also learned a lot more during my (13) thirteen years of service.

It is amazing how an experience can seem so far away yet, it’s seems as though it was yesterday. 

During those years, I aquired a lot of shit! One friend corrected me by saying, ” it was a lot of nice shit! “

So here I stand corrected and humble, all in an awesome bundle. Some may call it A la Carte. Or a bad joke which as the potential turning into greatness!


I transform my body by giving myself challenges, daily. 

Yes, eating is one of those challenges. 

I allowed myself to design my own type of movements which has be developed during my world travels.

I impacted many lives while in the military by sharing my weight loss journey with the various command in which I had the pleasure of serving with. 

I realized change is only scary when we do not allow ourselves to Be Free within our individual lives of living. I also realized change  could be scary when we do not allow others to assist us with our growth. 

We can do a lot solo. Yet, we are never alone.

Why would I donate it all? Passion

So here we are… I became a teacher of life through actual experiences. I come to a point in my life when I am able to give myself permission to share who I am, in DEEPER WAYS.

Just to think, I haven’t even gotten to me sharing with you how using Essential Oils and other holistic approaches assisted with the shift of who I am, as I am, Now!

In case you are wondering.. Yes! There is still a Fat Boy within!

We have become  best friends


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